The New Rules of Lifting

The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged

A complete reboot of the original New Rules of Lifting and New Rules of Lifting for Women, with ten new programs for men and women of all ages and ability levels.

Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove’s New Rules of Liftingseries has helped hundreds of thousands of people, from weight-room veterans to those who aren’t sure which end of the barbell to lift, learn the moves and skills to help them burn more fat, build more muscle, and increase overall strength. With Supercharged, the veteran exercise authors are back with a total reboot of the book that launched the series in 2006, packing even more powerful advice on every page.

Featuring completely new workouts for both women and men, Supercharged emphasizes four major movements that do the most to change the way your body looks, feels, and performs: squat, deadlift, push, and pull. In addition, Cosgrove’s updated total-body workout program improves core strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, endurance, and athleticism – all in just three hours a week of exercise.

The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged includes:

  • All-new workouts employing Cosgrove’s latest and most effective training techniques.
  • A year-long strength-training system customizable for lifters of all levels
  • Tips for varying exercises to keep you motivated and help you get the best possible results
  • Step-by-step instruction and photographs to ensure perfect technique and maximum performance

Supercharged also delves into the physiology of muscles to make sure you understand exactly what that fifteenth rep is doing for you, how the foam roller will keep your muscles free of knots and adhesions, and why you should master reverse lunges before lunging forward. The ultimate guide to total-body muscular fitness, this supercharged edition of The New Rules of Lifting will lift readers to stratospheric results.

The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged